Browser-based risk modeling
RiskAMP web: fast, functional and flexible

Functional & Flexible

The full library of RiskAMP functions for random distributions and statistical analysis

Platforms & Devices

Works in Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, Firefox, on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook

Sharing & Collaboration

Share documents with teams, publish documents to web pages and web apps

Built for Education & Teams

Content sharing & collaboration features for teams and classes

Embeddable & Scriptable

RiskAMP web models are embeddable in your web page or web application, including full spreadsheet & simulation capability


RiskAMP web is faster than running the same model in Excel -- often many times faster. Try it yourself!

RiskAMP web supports importing and exporting XLSX files, so you can transfer work into and out of Excel or Google Sheets at any time. There's no lock-in.